our culture makes us special.

Our culture describes how we are and how we interact. It is the result of the contribution of five generations and more than 130 years of history. Today BAUMANN is a dynamic and international organization characterized by its Swiss roots and cultural influences from ten locations on three continents.

WE care

To care is to be dedicated to what you do and take full responsibility for it. We are proactive, and go the extra mile for our customers.
People at BAUMANN are part of a team. We support each other.

WE learn

We recognize that learning is essential to become and stay the best in our field, as individuals and as a company.
Our culture of open feedback helps us learn from each other. Having eleven locations on three continents promotes this process of intercultural knowledge sharing.

WE compete

We love challenges! Competition has always been a part of our corporate culture. BAUMANN people have a healthy sense of ambition and team spirit.
We measure ourselves against others and set ourselves ambitious targets. We also enjoy celebrating our successes together.

WE celebrate

The atmosphere in our organization is friendly, open and fun. We enjoy tackling tasks together. We don't just work collectively for our successes, we also enjoy celebrating them together.
The BAUMANN culture includes social events that go beyond everyday work and enable informal sharing between our people.